A fashion editor enters a photographic studio to direct a shoot. A traumatic event has occurred the night before, the details of which are fragmented and unclear.

As the editor processes her experience, she finds herself entering the room again and again, until the memory of her trauma starts to emerge in the body and performance of the model. 

"Intrusion" is the second short film from writer/director Ming-Zhu Hii. A stylish and subtle psychological thriller, it examines power and violence in the fashion world, and the obligations on women to perpetuate cycles of violence and objectification of their own and others' bodies.

"Intrusion" is now complete and will be seen at festivals in 2018. For more information on the film's status, please contact the producers


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  • Creator & Producer Biographies
  • Press Resources & Assets (incl. high-res stills)
 Poster: Matthew Angel

Poster: Matthew Angel

NARRATIVE STILLS (credit on hover)

ON-SET PHOTOGRAPHY (credit: Nicholas Coghlan)


Marion: Ming-Zhu Hii
Laura: Naomi Rukavina
Isabella: Grace Quealy
Photographer: Lachlan Woods
Make-Up Artist: Edwina Samuels

Director: Ming-Zhu Hii
Producer(s): Nicholas Coghlan, Alexandra Curtis and Ming-Zhu Hii
Screenwriter: Ming-Zhu Hii
Director of Photography: David Franjic
Editor(s): Ming-Zhu Hii and Florence Holmes
Sound Designer: Tristan Meredith
Composer: Russell Goldsmith
Production Designer: Tami Holton
Costume Designer: Tami Holton
Hair & Makeup: Danni McDowell
First Assistant Director: Neil Sharma
Second Assistant Director: Lucia Smyrk
Sound Recordist: Ann Aucote
First Camera Assistant: Kitty Allwood
Gaffer: Jesse Moyes
Script Supervisor: Claire Ewart
Boom Operator: Helen McGrath
Art Department: Raffaella Caluzzi
Post-Production Supervisors: James Phillips & Lydia Springhall
Colourist: CJ Dobson
Production Assistant: Alistair Frearson
Stills Photography: Clare Plueckhahn
Foley Artist: Miguel Artugue
Titles: Matthew Angel