We make film at the intersection of the curious, brutal and beautiful. We value autonomy and collaboration in equal parts, and practice diversity and inclusivity as a matter of course. We are resourceful and agile both in the production and distribution of our work: hellbent on rigorous exploration and perpetual evolution. Our work is poetic, evocative and frequently unconventional; bold, fierce and startlingly urgent.

Founded in 2015 by filmmaker and actor Ming-Zhu Hii, as the narrative sister practice to The Public Studio, Find & Replace exists to be in the perpetual creation of stories that are not only exquisitely crafted, but whose themes and content are a significant challenge to the narrative status quo. 

A deep believer that the stories we tell reflect the culture we live in, it is Ming-Zhu's aim, along with creative producers, Nicholas Coghlan and Alexandra Curtis, to push cinematic storytelling into difficult places - conceptually, formalistically and philosophically - in a way that is relevant to a diverse, representative audience.

A long-time advocate for the greater representation of women and people of colour on screen, Ming-Zhu writes roles that defy stereotypes and expand audiences' imaginations, embracing a multiplicity of identities and personal journeys, thus ensuring a broader range of society can begin to see itself reflected in its culture's narratives. 

 Read a note from Ming-Zhu on the formation of our values, from February 2016.